Buying that special gift for a special friend

Do you know someone in your life that is so thoughtful? It is true; there are some people who have this innate ability to be able to buy the most perfect gifts. It is as if they know you so intimately. Their thoughts and inner desires exposed by a unique gift that they like such as toys from Lamaze, which you have personally chosen for them.

Perhaps you are a bit like me. You find it difficult to know what to buy someone. I phrased that wrong. It is easy to buy something – anything. The difficulty is buying something that really touches them, something that you know they would like. Something they would never forget.

Gift Buying

Gift Buying

Most of my friends and family appear to have most of what they really want making the gift buying process even harder. These friends and family already seem to be doing well, with good incomes, nice cars and other valuable possessions they have around everywhere except one of those Steiff Bears in the UK and others. However, if that is how you feel then it is the perception that you have that is making this harder than it need be.

Just because they have all these toys, it does not mean you cannot buy a gift that will amaze them. Another common trap is not to be worried about the amount you spend on them, that is not important to them. Look at is as knowing there inner most desires and buying a gift that expresses that. A gift that can only be bought by someone who knows him or her really well.

This is where creative personal gifts like those willow tree figurines can help. Buying something or them that anybody could buy is not a very exclusive option. You will need to put some thought into it. It is your thought that will be recognizable through the gift that you buy.

Think about the times you have spent with this person and recall some of the chats that you have had. What are their values, likes and dislikes? What do they always talk about? Is her appearance really important for her? If it is then you can always surprise her with some makeup or the best self tanning spray for that golden look! Perhaps they are a homely person and enjoy nothing more than to have a nice, cosy warm home. If they are a bit of a garden fanatic, then they may like Alexander Rose’s garden furniture from Midland Cane Furniture.

Perhaps your best friend owns a business or is interested in business and entrepreneurship. There are many business books available on Amazon that could could buy. Or a subscription to the Entrepreneur magazine. If they do have a business you could get them some gift vouchers from Martin Seitler the best accountants in Manchester and surrounding areas.

This exercise will give you some great ideas of the perfect gift to buy for them.

Now, you have no excuses.